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Is Your Water Fit to Drink?

Find out by scheduling a backflow inspection in Pineville or Mint Hill, NC

If the water pressure in your pipes fluctuates, it can cause backflow, which can contaminate your drinking water. Make sure your water supply is safe by scheduling a backflow inspection from MKB Plumbing & Septic LLC. We'll test your water for contaminants and install new prevention equipment or replace faulty equipment at your Pineville or Mint Hill, NC area home or place of business. Backflow inspections should be completed annually to ensure your water is safe for usage and consumption.

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Does your drinking water contain these contaminants?

A backflow inspection can detect contaminants like:

  • Toxic chemicals-substances like pesticides and herbicides can cause blistering, dizziness and diarrhea if ingested.
  • Pathogens-a wide range of microbial pathogens that cause fever and nausea can get into your water due to backflow.
  • Raw sewage-Because sewage contains bacteria, viruses and parasites, it can cause serious illness if it ends up in your drinking water.

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