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Trust a Professional With Your Plumbing Repair

MKB Plumbing & Septic LLC offers services in the Pineville & Mint Hill, NC area

If you try to handle a plumbing repair on your own, you could make the problem even worse. Hiring a professional will ease your mind and protect your wallet. MKB Plumbing & Septic LLC offers plumbing repair services for homes and businesses in the Pineville & Mint Hill, North Carolina area. We'll inspect the pipes or fixtures, provide you with a free quote and complete the repair ASAP.

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When should you schedule a plumbing repair?

You should never put off plumbing repair services. A minor leak can turn into a major problem if left unattended. MKB Plumbing & Septic LLC will take care of your plumbing repair as quickly as possible.

You should contact us if...

  • Your showerhead is leaking.
  • Your toilet won't stop running.
  • Your sewer or waterlines are damaged.
  • You have a leak in your pipes.
  • You need a new valve.

We'll work to detect leaks and repair them before they cause any significant damage to your home.

Speak with us about your plumbing repair services today.